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Crypto Squatches are 10,000 art pieces of the best sasquatches alive today. Each squatch is a unique creation part of a vast and diverse NFT collection on the Ethereum Blockchain. Every squatch has been created to look exactly like their real life counterpart. Join us on Discord to have a great time and experience this crazy journey with us. Welcome to Squatchworld!


Crypto Squatches is the love child of 4 people who genuinely love and enjoy working in the crypto space.
After minting this will be a full-time project to grow, maintain, and expand the squatchiverse for all Squatch owners.
Each milestone will unlock when a certain % of squatches have been minted.


Free airdrops! We will mint 7 squatches free of charge to 7 squatch holders that printed in the first 2000 squatches.


Baby Squatch! Our amazing artist C.Arcane will make companion Baby Squatch NFT's that will be airdropped to all squatch holders at a later date after a snapshot is taken. We will announce the snapshot time before it happens.


Custom designed, exclusive merch launch with YOUR squatches. You simply type in your squatch number and get custom generated merch designed just for you.


7% of all sales revenue and 1% of all secondary market sales (on Opensea at first) will go toward a community wallet to help fund cool ideas the community comes up with and creates!


Creation of the squatchverse begins! Our own little big footed playground (this is months into planning and you're going to love it - plus you'll get to help us decided everything!)

We have some very cool things coming in the future. Thrasher66099 has a heavy background in game development and is a huge proponent of building metaverses where all of our squatch brethren can hang out together as well as partake in exclusive events.

Project Long Term Goals

Crypto Squatches is an ambitious project with a massive vision. Here are just a few of the release milestones you'll see in the near future. We'll do our best to keep this information up to date, but please join us on Discord for the latest info:

Phase 1

Crypto Squatch minting starts with gender smart contract released shortly after on the blockchain.

Phase 2

Baby squatches & breeding released, all current Squatch owners will receive a free baby squatch mint.

Phase 3

Beginning of the Squatchverse, land will be bought in multiple metaverses, including the development of the official Squatchverse. There will be exclusive events in these areas that only Squatch holders can get access to.

Phase 4

Leasing contract released, allowing Squatch holders to "lend out" their Squatches to sell access to exclusive events in the Squatchverse making Squatch holders cryptocurrency without having to sell their Squatch.

Phase 5

NFT game release allowing users to play as their Squatches, get more NFTs, and make cryptocurrency.

Phase 6

Release of standalone Squatchverse / Metaverse including lots more unique and fun surprises to follow. 😉

Seen a Squatch?

Help us find them all!


The mint will take place on August 23rd, 2021 at 04:00pm EST (GMT-5)

We’ll be constantly updating everyone on Discord and Twitter with updates. All Squatch purchases will be made at

Crypto Squatches is a collection of 10,000 unique sasquatch NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain. Every single squatch is designed to be random, unique, and absolutely amazing in their own squatchy way.

The price is 0.05 ETH per squatch + gas fee. We like to keep things simple.

Each Crypto Squatch will be constructed through a randomized algorithmic selection process by mixing a variety of different profile features to create 10,000 unique possibilities. A list of these available traits are:

  • Background
  • Skin
  • Eyes
  • Mouth
  • Hats
  • Clothes
  • Enamel Pin

The Crypto Squatch team has tons of plans and has been months scheming up ideas to continue the project and expand it into a vast new world you’ll love. Of course you’ll be helping us make each decision along the way! 😉

We will have multiple wallet options available, including mobile, and they will all be accessible through

Patience fellow squatch lover! Opensea can have a bit of a delay and lag time (typically 3-5 minutes). Usually it’s within a few seconds but we’re at the mercy of the blockchain from time to time. If you’ve waited a fair amount of time and still don’t see it feel free to reach out to us.

The smart contract address is:

Each Crypto Squatch token ID is being assigned to an artwork image from the initial sequence with this formula:
Formula = tokenId + startingIndex % MAX_NUMBER_OF_TOKENS

The finalized starting index will be randomly generated by the blockchain when the first non team member mints their token to guarantee true randomness.

Please join our discord and use our support bot, instructions on contacting us are made super clear upon joining.

Team Members

Crypto Squatches came to be from some hilarious conversations about what a world could look like with a crpyto bigfoot
(that is until dirtylooks got involved and decided to give all of us nightmares with some of these creations)


Artist, designer, somehow was able to not go insane after designing 10,000 squatches


Brainchild of this messed up world, knows how to make 1's and 0's talk to each other, sorta


Really into bigfoot (no seriously, how else did you think they got on this team?)

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